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Nexis 4 DEMO

Sustainability @NEXIS

For us, sustainability means living and acting according to the three pillars of sustainability – social benefits, conserving resources and future-oriented management.

With both small and large steps, we also want to contribute to raising awareness of sustainability and the environment and anchor this in our corporate culture and values.



The resource-saving handling of our environment and our planet is of high importance for us. Therefore, we pay attention to proper recycling of waste in our office premises. In addition, we take care to purchase advertising materials that are largely created from recycled resources.



The well-being and health of our team is close to our hearts. Therefore we offer - besides free coffee with organic milk and beverages - also daily fresh fruit. As a team, we participate in sport events such as the „Leukämielauf Regensburg“ or the „REWAG Firmenlauf“, which keeps us fit and is a great way to strengthen our teambuilding.



In the choice of our location, TechBase Regensburg, we attach great importance that our premises are within a building which complies with the requirements of the „Deutschen Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen“ (DGNB) and which is powered by 100% green electricity.