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Licensing Options

Whatever use cases you have in mind for NEXIS 4: We always offer the perfect licensing model.

Just select the NEXIS 4 modules you would like to use. The required basic functionalities for data import, data management, project controls, and system administration are, of course, always included.

License the NEXIS 4 modules that suits your needs:

  • The Analytics Services are mainly used for IT-driven modeling and cleansing projects that do not require configurable workflows or deep integration of business experts.
  • The Governance Services provide over 150 workflow templates, escalation- and delegation procedures, e-mailing, and configurable user interfaces during workflow execution.
  • The Business Services enable you to provide tailor made end-user functions, forms, and dashboards to streamline communication with business stakeholders.

The features
of our modules

Analytics Module

All functions for comprehensive data analysis, cleansing, and policy-compliant creation and customization of roles and permissions.

  • Identity & role analytics
  • Risk & quality controls
  • 20+ identity grid visualization
  • Authorization concept management
  • Hybrid role modeling
  • Policy management

Governance Module

Graphical workflow engine with more than 150 customizable standard processes and the ability to define your own management and governance processes.

  • Graphical workflow engine
  • More than 150 standard workflows
  • Custom workflows & trigger
  • Periodic & event-based recertifications
  • Automated role optimization

Business Module

Modular dashboard designer and form management to deliver services, reports, and metrics to all user groups in an on-demand and easy-to-understand manner.

  • Configurable dashboards & data browsers
  • UI component designer
  • Form management
  • Order management
  • Self-service designer

Authorization Concept Module

Centralized management of authorization concepts for all services and applications as well as workflow-driven processing and approval.

  • Creation & maintenance of authorization concept templates
  • Definition of responsibilities
  • Configurable approval processes
  • Individual user views
  • Flexible catalog configuration

You are interested?

Contact us, we are happy to advise you!