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That’s NEXIS

World-class in digital identities, roles, and entitlements

Our team of enthusiastic security specialists, consultants, and developers commit every day to improve our customers’ identity and access performance. Our software digitalizes and simplifies time-consuming IT processes and gives your employees time for other important tasks.

We are an innovative security software vendor with university roots. The very core of our work deals with profound methodologies, excellent usability, and solutions for bringing together technology and business needs.

All our products are designed and developed in Germany. Our high-class consulting and support services are operated from Germany. Our customers include organizations in financial services, insurance, high technology industries, and retail, amongst others.

Our Management

Our values


We strive for goal-oriented improvement and self-motivated research. We want to shape the future.


We offer top notch software and professional services in an important IT security discipline. We stand for quality and do not settle with mediocre solutions.


Instead of following strict rules, we work hands-on and consider our customers’ and partners’ requirements to achieve the perfect solution for all stakeholders.

Customer focus

Our customers are our partners and deserve respect, quality, support, and solution competence.


Teamwork and enthusiasm are the core of our being and boost our productivity, our creativeness and our success.

Down to earth

We meet at eye level and impress with competence and know-how.