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Let facts speak for themselves

What’s the status quo of your IAM and entitlement landscape?

Every company has its own history when it comes to user and entitlement management. Our Health Check gives you a detailed status report on the state of your Identity and Access Management in the briefest time possible. It identifies existing risks, simulates business role models, and uncovers important potential for improvement.

We also rank your current maturity level and compare it with comparable companies and industries. Based on that, we can highlight which steps you can take to successfully increase your IT security and achieve higher Access Governance maturity.

Our Health Check is a fixed price consulting service based on data analyses with NEXIS 4, conducted by our experts. It allows you to become familiar with the possibilities of our software without having to license it.

The three
Health Check stages


During the preparation phase, we jointly decide where NEXIS 4 is to be operated and agree on the data delivery (e.g., from your IAM system or local applications). After import by our consultants, we verify the data together to ensure the correctness of our analytical work.

Data analysis

After successful import, your business areas and applications are examined for anomalies, standardization, and many other KPIs. We calculate best practice indicators such as the number of user accounts without authorization assignments, the number of orphaned accounts, or employees with risky entitlements. Besides data quality issues we also simulate possible role models and examine the level of standardization to answer questions like “how many business roles do we need?”.


During a comprehensive result presentation, we show you how you can improve your entitlement structures, highlight potential pain points, and show you where you can achieve quick wins to gain awareness and project support. We provide information on atypical data quality problems, risks, or the level of standardization of your entitlement structures. Our findings can be used to implement immediate measures and further improve your Identity Management in the long term.

What makes our Health Check
so valuable


Instead of relying on a gut feeling, we evaluate your situation based on your data and can compare your situation with other companies and industry standards.


Within only a few days, we generate reliable recommendations. There is no need for any complex and expensive preliminary work or consulting activities.

Well proven

Our Health Check is widely proven and provides recommendations in a particularly simple, understandable, and reliable way.


At a fixed price, you can benefit from our recommendations and try out NEXIS 4 with your real data without licensing the software.

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