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Nexis 4 DEMO

For our partners only:
Partner Sessions by NEXIS

From the “deep dive” of role modeling to tips and tricks for workflow configuration to the presentation of new features of NEXIS 4:

We provide our partners with high-quality insights and brand-new information about our NEXIS 4 software in deep dive sessions and exclusive feature presentations.

Partner Sessions

Deep Dive: Configuration of workbooks in NEXIS 4
Date: 23.05.2024 | 10:00 - 12:00 am

Our Head of Software Development Sebastian Groll gives an insight into the configuration of workbooks in NEXIS 4. Starting with the basics, the basic functionality of authorization concepts is explained based on classic customer requirements. A focus will also be placed on functions such as the configuration of cards and release processes, and before-and-after views will be presented. The release and change history are also examined in more detail.

Note: The Partner Session will be held in German language.

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