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Selected Customers

We are there for our customers with expertise, commitment and a sense of responsibility. We look after the projects entrusted to us with the utmost care in order to offer our customers the best possible quality.

We are proud to count companies from a wide range of economic sectors, from the financial sector to the automotive industry, among our customers. They benefit from our qualified consulting and use our NEXIS 4 software as a supplement to an existing IAM system or as a stand-alone solution for the successful implementation of existing access governance and automation requirements.


  • NEXIS customer: Wüstenrot & Württembergische
    Efficient processes are vital for us as a future-oriented company. NEXIS Controle enabled us to develop and visualize new business roles in a simple and straightforward way. Not only did NEXIS Controle improve management understanding but it also kept the whole project slim and agile as well.
  • NEXIS customer: Krones
    NEXIS Controle enables us to analyze and optimize complex SAP roles. Using NEXIS Controle, we were able to reduce the number of roles and thus minimize administrative efforts. At the same time, we use NEXIS Controle's SoD audit checks to proactively ensure compliance.
  • NEXIS customer: Rosen Group
    NEXIS Controle enables a quick and easy evaluation of our complex access structures. This allows for efficient IAM system cleansing and role management, which reduces costs and improves our IT security.
  • NEXIS customer: Witt-Gruppe
    Facilitating Nexis tools and consulting services allowed us to streamline and secure user management processes.
  • NEXIS customer: sanitas
    NEXIS Controle allows us to display our organizational hierarchies and functions at a glance. Together with the visualization of all our access privileges, NEXIS Controle gives us an unprecedented overview for defining suitable functional roles.
  • NEXIS customer: Krones
    With Nexis consulting services we were able to conceptualize an IdM infrastructure based on our company-specific requirements. Furthermore, Nexis provided valuable support to help us develop a profound strategy for future-proof IAM.
  • NEXIS customer: AVL
    NEXIS 4's unique visualizations give us an unprecedented view on our access privileges. For the first time, we are able to see the big picture of provisioned entitlements in SAP and various other systems.
  • NEXIS customer: Infineon
    NEXIS Controle is data cleansing made easy. In a well-structured and transparent way, NEXIS Controle automatically detected accounts with outdated or disproportionate access rights. After their removal you will be in a position to identify roles and automate the management of access rights. It has made a substantial impact on the system security.
  • Kundenlogo Union Investment
    NEXIS 4 is the perfect solution for visualizing the entitlements from our several hundreds of applications and generating suitable business roles for our organization. Using the intuitive built-in visualization and filtering technologies it becomes easy to discuss the roles with our business experts and then export them to our IAM-solution.
  • NEXIS customer: Beiersdorf Shares Services
    NEXIS 4 allows us to model business roles for our core application systems in an easy and business-understandable way. At the same time it provides all the functionality for efficient role maintenance and helps us to ensure a high role quality. With its simple recertification engine, we can keep our business roles and entitlements up to date with minimal administrative efforts (e.g. in case of employee mover events).
  • NEXIS customer: A1
    NEXIS Controle successfully allows us to monitor and improve the fulfilment of relevant regulatory requirements. It covers our company-wide compliance and SoD controls and provides a new level of transparency and auditability. It thus is one of the core elements of our security infrastructure.
  • NEXIS customer: DEVK
    With NEXIS 4 we have achieved the significant breakthrough in Identity Governance & Administration. NEXIS 4 allows for simple role modeling and role management, even within complex use cases. In combination with the fully configurable automated processes for role management and clearance, we have a profound tool set at our fingertips.
  • NEXIS customer: Baader
    NEXIS 4 helps us to finally achieve transparency across all applications and shows which employees have accesses to which resources. NEXIS 4 is also our central data storage and management platform for all standardized metadata on entitlements and business roles such as criticality and definitions. With NEXIS 4 Activities, we are able to convince business departments for participating in access reviews, as the data can be presented to the responsible persons in a trivial, simple and user-friendly way.