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Exactly what you are missing

Simple and modular Analytics and Access Governance Services

Companies often complain about their current Identity Management solution: Missing functionalities, costly customization, shallow analytics, and low usability and missing user experience.

With NEXIS 4 you found your perfect Access Governance companion. We offer world-class analytics and end-user experience without the need of expensive integration and coding work. Do not waste your time with unnecessary and expensive manual work. NEXIS 4 seamlessly extends your existing IAM-tooling with easily configurable and modular self-services – exactly what you are missing.

We are convinced that algorithms alone are not the solution for Access Governance success. You are only going to reach your goal if your IT and business departments collaborate to tackle modern Identity Management challenges. NEXIS 4 provides numerous configurable UI components and functions for a whole new user experience. It motivates your business users to join your Access Governance mission.

NEXIS 4 - IAM Software

The perfect solution

for your IT and business


The Swiss Army knife for your IT

IT departments love NEXIS 4 for its intelligent analytics and the perfect visualizations, optimizations, and controls of your digital identities, roles, and entitlements.


Tailor-made for business users

Non-IT stakeholders love NEXIS 4 for its configurable, intuitive user interfaces and our custom self-services that finally let Access Governance speak the business language.


Frequently asked questions

NEXIS 4 is a standard software for Access Analytics and Governance. We do not directly provision data into your local applications and, in practice, complement existing provisioning engines and IAM-toolings and extend their functionalities.
However, already operating an Identity Management solution is not mandatory for benefitting from NEXIS 4. Our software can be used as stand-alone solution or even as an independent control service for a separately operated IAM-tool.

NEXIS 4 is compatible with all your standard applications, custom software, databases, or data vaults. Our generic data model covers all their underlying authorization concepts including any custom structures that might exist. Until now, we have been able to import and analyze any application that we came across in our customer projects.
NEXIS 4 is fully compatible with any available Identity Management standard software product. Whether you operate tools from One Identity, Sailpoint, Omada, Beta Systems, Oracle, IBM, Microfocus, Microsoft, SAP, or any of the other vendors: Using our standard connector library, we are able to import any required data within minutes.
You are free to decide whether you want to facilitate NEXIS 4 as company-wide Access Governance solution – or if you prefer to only analyze entitlements in one or selected applications in an isolated way. In a company-wide scenario, we typically receive all required data from your IAM system in place. When reviewing single applications or conducting delta analyses, we typically import data directly from the source systems and have a dedicated application-specific scope.
We are convinced that NEXIS 4, our reliability, and our values are going to fascinate you. Our experts can analyze your digital identities, entitlements, and roles during a Health Check and proof of concept project. They are going to show you, how your Team can benefit from NEXIS 4.