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Become a product expert

Our NEXIS Academy training program

Our practice-oriented and user-friendly trainings are primarily aimed at your analysts, data scientists, role modeling staff, and IT employees. They learn how to handle NEXIS 4 competently based on both, theoretical and practical examples. After successful training completion, participants obtain an official certification.

Our standard training courses bundle the most important contents and are the perfect fit for anyone starting to work with NEXIS 4.

You are already an experienced NEXIS 4 user, but would like to expand your knowledge on specific topics? Then our compact, one-day in-depth training courses are ideal for you and your team.

Our standard trainings

Duration: 2 - 4 days


In this basic training, we will focus on analyzing and re-modeling data and identifying anomalies quickly and easily with the help of our software. We show you how to model perfect business roles, work with entitlement hierarchies, manage authorizations, and conduct departmental workshops with NEXIS 4 to integrate your business experts’ know-how.


Would you like to create workflows, define, and control access governance rules, and create your own dashboards in NEXIS 4? This training package teaches you everything known from the NEXIS 4 Foundation training and additionally shows you how successful process design, compliance management, and UI configuration can be achieved with our software.


Become a NEXIS 4 hero! Our Expert training covers all training contents of the Professional and Foundation training and additionally teaches you everything you need to know about administrative project management, data management, NEXIS 4 authorizations, and APIs.

NEXIS 4 deep-dive trainings

Duration: 1 day

Learn everything about creating and releasing business roles while cleaning up detected data errors and quality issues. Become an expert in building a clean structured and sustainable role concept and conducting modeling workshops with business units.

Learn everything about creating and managing data quality rules and segregation of duties policies with NEXIS 4. Establish your own policies and define your required processes for controlling and handling detected risks. Learn how to integrate the policies into existing access governance processes and simplify the decision-making process for business departments regarding exceptions and mitigation of rule violations.

You will learn all important best practices for the correct configuration of standard workflows and the creation of your own custom workflows. Gain an understanding of how to optimally integrate email templates, delegation, and escalation procedures, and how to design user interfaces for decision-makers in a simple and understandable way by means of configuration parameters.

Design the perfect dashboards for your different user groups. Build simple customized pages for non-IT users so that your departments can complete their tasks and share their knowledge without any user training. Learn how to incorporate modular services and functions into the dashboards and how to perfectly adapt the layout of data content and tables to your use case requirements.

As an administrator of NEXIS 4 we teach you how to handle the different NEXIS 4 projects, how to configure data imports, and how to connect new data sources. Learn everything about NEXIS 4 staging and load balancing, software maintenance, and efficient operation.

Your benefits

Learn from the best

Our trainers are experts for the application of our software and know all the details down to the last detail.

Best Practice Know-How

We provide you with important tips and best practice experiences from our projects for all functions.

Small Groups

Training courses are held in small groups so that we can respond to the individual questions and needs of our participants.

Practical application

As our trainings are not theoretical click-through tutorials - our participants always work directly with our software.

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