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Nexis 4 DEMO
NEXIS 4I am complete

The smart standard solution for entitlement management.

NEXIS 4I am efficient

Time-saving Access Analytics and Governance Services.

NEXIS 4I am simple

User-centric, intuitive, service-oriented.


100% compatible – 0% coding.

NEXIS 4I am fast

Get results much faster.

NEXIS 4I am creative

Impressive visual access modeling and design.

Unlock Analytics and Access Governance’s productive potential

Smart. Intuitive. Agile.

Let’s be honest: Analyzing user authorizations, role management, and achieving compliance are no fun – but have to be executed efficiently and in a secure manner. We developed NEXIS 4 to do all the hard work for you and give you time for other important IT challenges.

Extend your current Identity Management solution’s capabilities or establish NEXIS 4 as stand-alone Access Governance platform.

NEXIS 4 is your comprehensive zero-code tool. It allows your IT to provide streamlined solutions for entitlement management in a time-saving and user-friendly way.

Does NEXIS 4 fit your needs?

With our special NEXIS Health Check, we analyze the state of your entitlements and applications and show you, how easy it can be to optimize and control the grown structures with NEXIS 4.

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analyzed users
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managed entitlements
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controlled authorizations

Why NEXIS 4?

Leading analytics & modeling

There is nothing more time-consuming than manual analysis of digital identities, roles and entitlements. That’s why we visualize your authorization data as intuitive 360° grid-based pictures that can easily be understood by anyone. Finally, you don’t have to model and discuss your business roles based on endless Excel-tables.

150+ built-in workflows

Establishing Access Governance processes can be a cumbersome and costly task for your IT. NEXIS 4 minimizes your efforts by providing more than 150 easily configurable role and entitlement lifecycle management and modeling workflows out-of-the box.

Tailor-made user interfaces

Do your end-users really like your current Access Governance experience? With our configurable dashboards, your IT can easily provide functions and services for stakeholders within seconds. This allows for a fully personalized experience so that your different user groups only see exactly what they need to get their work done – without having to deal with all unnecessary technical details.


Costly customizing is out! Everything you do with NEXIS 4 is fully based on software configuration. You do not have to write a single line of code to get your workflows running or successfully complete all your analyses and role modeling tasks. This saves money and maximizes your project success.

Rapid deployment

NEXIS 4 is browser-based and can be integrated in every IT landscape and existing IAM-tooling. It does not matter which applications, entitlements or processes you like to cover with our software: There is no faster way of successfully establishing Access Governance!

100% compatible and future-proof

NEXIS 4 connects to any data source, API, database, or application with our standard connector library. It is only a matter of minutes to import all the required data and export your results back to your desired destination.

Who benefits most
from NEXIS 4?

NEXIS 4 simplifies your IT’s way from unstructured data and non-standardized processes to streamlined and automated Access Governance. However, it is not just about the IT. An Access Governance solution can only be successful, if it supports all involved stakeholders and motivates them to strive for secure identity management.

That’s why we developed NEXIS 4 as collaboration platform which offers your IT all the required complex analysis, modeling, and control features while – at the same time – your non-IT staff benefits from simplified user interfaces and self-services that can be intuitively understood by anyone.

Data Scientists

Explore the data, model roles & talk to the business about it.

IAG Team

Supervise & delegate, control project performance.

IT domain experts

Facilitate focused analytics & KPIs to manage their domain.

Access coordinators

Intuitive advanced services for the business scope they coordinate.


Review tasks, actively manage assigned elements.

Self-Service User

Use intuitive dashboards for access and service requests.

NEXIS Products


Intuitive Identity Analytics and Access Governance software.


Premium NEXIS 4 and Access Governance consulting.


User trainings and know-how for our customers and partners.

Valued by analysts

NEXIS 4 | Kuppingercole | Kunden | Partner

NEXIS 4 complements existing IAM implementations with intelligent role analysis, role lifecycle and workflow management, and comprehensive access governance based on the identity fabrics paradigm. Tt allows IT departments to provide tailor-made dashboards and configurable self-services to the various stakeholders and end-users within an organization in a swift and efficient manner, without the need of customization or programming.

NEXIS 4 | Kuppingercole | Kunden | Partner

NEXIS Control has become a universal tool for authorization analysis, role management and enterprise-wide access governance services for adaptable IAM architectures based on the Identity Fabrics paradigm.

NEXIS 4 | Kuppingercole | Kunden | Partner

NEXIS Controle benefits from many years of experience in the design and continuous development of a technology for the analysis and modelling of authorisation information which is unrivalled on the market.

NEXIS 4 | Blog | Beitraege | TechBase

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