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IT security and Access Governance are more than just a painful necessity – we believe that they can be a driving force behind companies’ success. In our free Expert Sessions, we therefore bring industry experts together to exchange best practices, innovations, and customer experiences.

Within our 45-minute live sessions, we highlight various topics using clear examples, customer experiences, or partner presentations. Save your place in our upcoming webinars today!

Expert Sessions

Authorization concept management at DZ BANK: Efficient and audit-proof
Date: 23.03.2023 | 11:00 AM

Current regulations require banks and financial institutions, but also many industrial companies, to provide proper evidence of their existing authorization concepts.
In this Expert Session, Mr. Holger Hanke shows how DZ BANK successfully manages several hundred authorization concepts of different types with automated support by using NEXIS 4.
He will demonstrate how the previous high-maintenance and outdated Word and Excel documents could be replaced by a future-oriented solution integrated with the IAM system.

Note: this Expert Session will not be recorded. And it will be held in German language.

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The Identity Grid: How to configure the different views and draw conclusions
Date: 25.05.2023 | 11:00 AM

The Identity Grid is a powerful tool in several use cases in order to achieve transparencyand common understanding in different access management scenarios. In this session, the experts of Nexis explain which settings the matrix offers and how it is configured for various situations, so that a quick analysis can be achieved as well as the right conclusions can be drawn over all the layers of an access model. Features such as the coverage, grouping or hierarchy mode will be explained, together with the ways of interaction with the matrix.

Note: this Expert Session will be held in German language.

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Expert Sessions

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IAM transformation at Linz AG From a Health Check to the vision with the help of NEXIS 4                           
Date: 26.01.2023

A health check with NEXIS 4 provides you with information about the status quo of your identity and access management in a very short time. But what happens after the health check? How do you organize your IAM landscape in the future based on the findings of the health check? We will show how Linz AG, with the support of our partner SonicBee, proceeded after the healtch check to answer these questions.


NEXIS 4 for Server Security Checks Customer report by A1 Telekom Austria                           
Date: 24.11.2022

In this session, our reference customer A1 Telekom Austria shows, how NEXIS 4 can be used as a tool to conduct fully automated security checks for servers. The generic data model of NEXIS 4 is adapted for server systems and through the policy engine conspicuities are identified. A1 pursues the goal that server systems adhere to establishes policies and live reporting as well as alerting through NEXIS 4 helps in case of deviations.


Successful Identity & Access Governance Workflows in practiceDate: 19.05.2022

In practice, coherent and lean analytics and governance workflows are one of the central components for successful company-wide identity management. In this Expert Session, we highlight how workflows can be easily configured with NEXIS 4 and discuss best practice designs for the various end-user interfaces for different stakeholder groups. Core elements of workflows and supplementary components (i.e. trigger, escalations, mailings and scripts) will be highlighted from a practical point of view.


Access Cleansing with Minimized Efforts                            Date: 24.03.2022

Historical entitlement structures can impose severe security risks as employees have excessive and unneeded access. In order to restore compliance and simplify entitlement and role management, we show you how an efficient and longterm cleansing process of complex and grown entitlement structures can take place.


Automated user and role recertifications Customer report by A1 Telekom Austria                           
Date: 24.02.2022

Have you also experienced them as a cost driver that also leads to a lot of resentment in the business departments? Periodic and event-related recertifications of employees, entitlements, and roles can be cumbersome, complex, and hardly manageable. In this session, we would like to show you how to simplify and automize recertifications and save your end users a lot of frustration.


Time-based Role Analytics
                                        Date: 27.01.2022

Analysis of data taking into account the factor "time" in authorization and role management, as well as presentation of practice-relevant solutions with the help of NEXIS 4 using 3 use cases
Use Case 1: Identification of obsolete or future authorization assignments to business roles
Use Case 2: Search for a successor when an employee leaves to hand over responsibilities (e.g. for business roles)
Use Case 3: Flexibly configurable dashboards for responsible parties to keep track of items that are expiring or becoming invalid.


Smart IGA: Identity Analytics and Role Mining by One Identity & NexisDate: 29.04.2021


  • Presentation of interactive visualization and analysis functions of NEXIS 4 for better understanding of the respective specialist department
  • Use of recommendation algorithms for role candidates in NEXIS 4
  • Easily deploy of role candidates to One Identity Manager for subsequent approval workflows
  • Introduction and implementation of completed roles by One Identity Manager