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Standard Training

Become a NEXIS 4 hero! Our Expert training covers all training contents of the Professional and Foundation training and additionally teaches you everything you need to know about administrative project management, data management, NEXIS 4 authorizations, and APIs.

From 2 - 5 persons

4 days

2.500,- € per person


The focus of this training

Data import

  • What is important when it comes to importing data?
  • How are import-specific settings configured, data sources evaluated and via import schemes compared to the data model?
  • How do you import departments, employees, business roles and application systems?

Project management

  • How does the creation and configuration of NEXIS Controle projects work?

Data scheme & attributes

  • What must be considered when configuring and applying a data scheme?
  • Why are attributes so important and how can you use them in different use cases?


  • What are the features of the NEXIS repository and how do you configure trigger, scripts, and delegations?
  • How can event-based tasks be scheduled in NEXIS Controle?
  • How can building-blocks be re-used to reduce the administrative overhead?

Settings & system administration

  • What are the system settings and how can they be configured?
  • What tools are needed for system monitoring and maintenance to successfully perform problem analysis?

Analysis & browsing of the entitlement structure

  • Who has access to which resources?
  • How can entitlements be displayed quickly and understandably?
  • How can one identify commonalities and outliers at first glance of the Identity Grid?

Entitlement cleansing

  • How can a future state of access be modeled in the software?
  • How does the creation of users, business experts and expert groups work?
  • How can they be included ideally in the cleansing process?

Role modeling & role management

  • What does a clear entitlement structure look like and how can you use business role modeling to make your authorizations even more transparent?


  • How are rules created and how does continuous monitoring and maintenance work?
  • How can attributes be monitored for conformance with existing preconditions?


  • Which standard workflows can be configured within NEXIS 4?
  • How do company-specific custom workflows for any special processes work and how can they be implemented?

You are interested?

We offer our trainings from a group size of 2 to 5 persons. Deviating from this, individual agreements can be made that are specifically tailored to your needs.